Cabin Weekend

5 close girl friends + Log Cabin in the Shenandoah Mountains + no TV = A good freakin time being entertained and having fun!  Every winter for the past 3 years, 5-6 of my closest girlfriends take a weekend trip to the Shenandoah cabins.  With the cabins only being a 45 minute drive, it’s an inexpensive way to have some quality girl time.  There’s no TV so we make due by entertaining each other with cooking, dance contests, card games, etc.  By the time the weekend is over, my stomach hurts from laughing the whole time.  Every girl should take a weekend with her girlfriends :) 

On Friday night, we celebrated Katie’s last year in her twenties.  It’s funny because we are one year away from being the big “30″ but yet, when we are all together we act like we’re 16.  Maybe that’s because we’ve all known each other since we were in 7th grade…. wow! 

We had a nice view of the sunset, from being up high in the mountains.

What’s a log cabin without a fire place?  It was the perfect spot to cook s’mores. Mmmm…. s’mores…

Katie and Margie had a dance off.  And it was pretty freakin entertaining!

Yes, there was a lot drinking….

And a lot of cooking and eating…

And a little of both!

Introducing our mascot for the weekend, Butterball!!

And a picture of all us, taken from my Powershot Canon Camera on a timer.  Not the best quailty, but you get the jist.

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