Emily turns One!

This adorable pinky pie is turning one!  What a fun month to have your birthday, March (I’m a March baby too!) because spring starts!  Emily looks as adorable as can be with her pink birthday dress and pink flowers!  She’s pretty in pink! She wasn’t about the cake and when mommy smashed her hands into the cake, she didn’t like the sticky on her fingers.  But she still had fun and gave us some cute smiles!  Happy 1st Birthday, Emily!

EmilyCakeSmash_Megan Durst Photography_2017-50EmilyCakeSmash_Megan Durst Photography_2017-5EmilyCakeSmash_Megan Durst Photography_2017-6EmilyCakeSmash_Megan Durst Photography_2017-8EmilyCakeSmash_Megan Durst Photography_2017-18EmilyCakeSmash_Megan Durst Photography_2017-19EmilyCakeSmash_Megan Durst Photography_2017-25EmilyCakeSmash_Megan Durst Photography_2017-26EmilyCakeSmash_Megan Durst Photography_2017-28EmilyCakeSmash_Megan Durst Photography_2017-29EmilyCakeSmash_Megan Durst Photography_2017-35EmilyCakeSmash_Megan Durst Photography_2017-44

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