Ethan’s big boy room

Ethan has graduated to a big boy room!  I feel like it was yesterday when I was working on his nursery.  But he will be expecting a little sister in a few short months. So our “Little Man” is sleeping in his new “transportation” bedroom.  I just love decorating themed rooms and this was so much fun to do too!  I love all the details in this room, from “Caution a head” pillow, to the wooden curtain holders.   I couldn’t have done it alone; with the help of both my parents, we were able to get this done in one day.  Ethan loves it and every time he climbs into bed, he has the biggest smile on his face!  And when I check on him at night, I have to search for his little body on this big bed!  Every night we use the reading nook and he just loves how we can close the curtains and be in our own little space.  I can’t believe he has graduated to this room but I am also proud of him because he is just the sweetest and happiest little man.


Paint Color: Sherwin-Williams Banana Cream 6673

Above Bed Transportation Decal: Etsy Shop, YendoPrint

Alphabet Train Decal: Etsy Shop, YendoPrint

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