Merry Christmas!

This was the first year to celebrate Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Durst.  Brandon wanted to make this a special Christmas for me, so he bought me a new camera that I have had my eye on forever- the Canon Mark 5D II! So, this is probably going to be the longest blog I’ve done since I couldn’t put my new camera down!

Considering we just moved into our new house a month ago and we still have boxes everywhere, we decided not to put up a tree this year.  We wanted to wake up to Christmas, so we decided to spend the night at my parents house since it was the year to spend with the Carey side of the family (we switch family Christmas’s each year).   We woke up to the scene of Christmas with a bunch of presents underneath the tree, all of us in our pj’s, and my mom cooking a Christmas breakfast.

While we waited for the rest of the family to arrive, Brandon helped my parents prepare for Christmas dinner.  My mom can’t help but crack up at Brandon’s humor.

In the meantime, I was checking out my new camera with Baxter being my subject!And then my dad dressed up as Santa to practice before the kids arrived.  Again, my precious Baxter was the test subject.The families started arriving, and Baxter was SO EXCITED!

We had some time to kill before dinner, so I used my niece, Amber as another subject to practive with my new camera.  I told her we were playing “photo shoot” where she was the beautiful model and I was the photographer.  I also just LOVED the cute country shirt she was wearing.  Perfect for the holiday pictures.  Isn’t she the sweetest?!? After a wonderful dinner, it was time to open gifts! 

 And my dad LOVES to play Santa.  He hands out one gift per person and we all watch to see what they get.  I love how he wants to extend Christmas as long as he can, by giving one gift at a time.  

And I absolutely love the expressions I captured from opening gifts!  This is what Christmas is all about!

 And my oldest brother, R.J., can’t go without getting one toy for Christmas.  This year it was the NERF gun.  Don’t shoot Baxter!

And my lil niece, Elf Lily, got a new robe for Christmas as well as the “magic 8 ball”.

Now, that Magic 8 ball absolutely made my Christmas.  It was probably Lily’s favorite gift of the night and she couldn’t stop asking it questions.  In case you don’t know, a Magic 8 ball is where you ask it a question, then turn it over and an answer is revealed.  She thought that thing held all the answers to anything.  She would believe it and it was so cute to see her reactions to silly questions, like “Does someone have a crush on me?” And when it would turn over with, “All signs point to YES”, she had the biggest smile and was so excited!  I could she her mind wondering on who it could be.

When my dad put the Santa costume back on, he really wanted to portray the real Santa.  Now, I wasn’t sure if the kids were going to go for it and I think the older kids were a bit skeptical.  But they played along because Cullen and Lily were all about ”Santa”, although I think they were a little skeptical too.   When Lily and Amber took their picture with Santa, Lily asked the “Magic 8 ball” it he was the real Santa.  Once she turned the ball over and saw, “YES” she was shocked and so thrilled that he was really there!  She instantly gave him a hug and was so fascinated that he was the real Santa.  I really wish I had a camcorder to capture that memory since it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  Here are some pictures of that moment:

 Thank you to eveyone that visits my blog!  Can’t wait to share all the memories I capture in 2012!

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