My “Vision”

As we’re preparing for our little boy to enter our world, this December, finishing the nursery was on the top of our list. I wanted to finish it while I was still able to move freely and help out without feeling any aches and pains… plus I like to check things off my “getting ready for baby” list (which never ends, btw). Now, for those who know me may think that my mom helped out and came up with our nursery design. But no, (and I’m going to put this all in caps to emphasize my point) IT WAS ALL MY IDEA! As my husband, Brandon, would like to say, “It was MY vision”. It all started from the color gray and worked from there. When we first moved into our house in November 2012, we knew this room was one day going to be the nursery. So, yes, my mom suggested gray since it’s a good neutral color for either gender, plus it could be a good guest room color, as well. The room was first a guest room (for about 3 months) with the color scheme of gray, yellow, and cranberry. And BAMN, “I’m pregnant!” and the “vision” started forming. Thanks to pinterest, I created a board of all my nursery ideas, boy & girl, which is where I got my inspiration. Before we even knew the gender, I had a good idea of what I’d like the nursery to look like. I knew I wanted white furniture; since it looks best with gray walls. I also knew I wanted the white trees around the room and some with shelves incorporated as branches since it was so unique and both Brandon & I just love the outdoors. Finally, I knew I wanted the zig-zag chevron gray as the main design pattern in the room. All we were waiting for was to find out if we were be having a little superman running around or ballerina dancing.

Once we found out that we’re having a little boy, I knew I wanted to use the turquoise as the accent color in the room. And off we went, spending a weekend painting the theme on the walls. Instead of buying sticker wall trees for $100 each, we borrowed an opaque projector and drew the trees onto the wall. It was easy to just paint everything white from there. Then we added the turquoise into the mix by painting the animals, berries, and the cute silhouette of the little boy on the swing. The room was 75% done once we painted the trees and added the white furniture. I still needed to incorporate the zig-zag chevron into the room. Most of my ideas came from Carousel Designs, but they didn’t have anything with turquoise and Chevron. So, I had to buy the fabric separately and ask my mom for help since she’s a master with sewing. I asked if she could make the bed skirt, window valance, toy box cushion, chair pillows, and lamp shade from the fabric I ordered. She did this all in one week and surprised me with the most adorable owl pillows you’d ever seen. She saw the design online and knew it had to be incorporated into the nursery. I’m glad she saw that because I think those owls are probably my favorite thing about this room…. well, that and the silhouette of the boy on the swing.

After we added all the homemade additions to the room to incorporate the turquoise and chevron, the room was 90% complete. The last thing missing was the glider. I had to look online for days to find the perfect glider. It was tough because there weren’t many gray & white gliders, let alone, ones that were affordable. Then, somehow I found it online, while I was on the target website updating our registry. It just popped up and said, “Hello Megan, are you looking for me?” Voila!, added it to our registry! My mother-in-law wanted to buy something for our nursery and thought the chair would be perfect. Once the chair arrived, it really transformed the room. I thought the nursery was good but the chair made it great! It was now ready to show off and man was I excited and proud to show off this room… can you tell?

Thank you to both of our mom’s for helping us create the best nursery possible for our baby boy! It couldn’t have been done without your help!

The soon to be dad installing the furniture

(Click on each for the link to pop up on a separate page)

Paint colors:  Sherwin Williams “Light French Gray” (SW 0055) and “Resonant Blue” (SW 6954)

Furniture:  Crib: Graco Charleston Classic Convertible Crib Classic White
                        Changing Table: Graco Charleston Dressing Table Classic White
                        Dresser: Circo Chloe & Conner 3 Drawer Dresser in White
                        Glider: Little Castle Swivel

Fabric:  Solid Turquoise Fabric and White and Gray Zig Zag Fabric

Tree Stickers/Printout:  Shelf Tree with Birds and Squirrels, Little Boy Swinging, and Tree next to the Crib with Hooting Owl

Stuffed Owl Pillow design

Solid Turquoise Changing Pad Cover

Solid Turquoise Crib Sheet



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