Part 2 of 3 Christmases

Christmas with the Smith’s; my new family.  Seeing Christmas through their eyes and all the new family traditions that followed, made me feel lucky to have been apart of their family Christmas. My favorite part was experiencing the excitement of Santa’s arrival, with the kids.  From putting out cookies for Santa to tracking him every hour on the computer on Christmas Eve.  Even I couldn’t help but look out the window before I went to sleep, because I was taken back to being 8 years old again.

Tyler’s class made magic reindeer food to put out on the front lawn, filled with oatmeal and glitter.

Then I helped Tyler put out an assortment of cookies for Santa. 

Big sister, Morgan helped Tyler with the note to Santa to put with the cookies.

Christmas morning, Morgan was so excited to see all the gifts Santa brought!

Before opening the gifts, Tyler wanted to see the note Santa left and to see if he ate all the cookies.

The scene of Christmas morning…

Morgan and Tyler got the gift they wanted the most, an Xbox 360! The look on their faces says it all.

After opening all the gifts, Grandpa Smith helped Morgan set up her drum set.

And Uncle Brandon helped Tyler set up his guitar set.  Good shot :)

Which family trait do you think passed on from Brandon to Tyler?Awesome shot of Morgan with her beautiful blue eyes!

And I’ll leave you with a shot of Baxter with his grandpa…

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