Road Trip!

For a gift to give my best friend for being my maid of honor at our wedding, I gave her the gift of a fun filled weekend with me :).  I planned a trip to a small town in Pennsylvania for us to go White Water Rafting.  This was definitely something the both of us have never done before and an experience we wanted to check off our bucket list.  We stayed in an old 1800’s “haunted” mansion, called The Jim Thorpe Inn.  And the town we stayed in was an experience in itself.  It was one of those small towns that you see on TV; where everyone is so friendly, the shops are full of hometown small business owners, and the restaurants were nothing but good home-cooked meals.  I booked the White Water Rafting trip through Excitations (Great site for gift ideas).  We rafted for five hours (12 miles) down the Lehigh River on Class II and III rapids.  At almost every single rapid, someone fell out!  Not us though!  Amanda and I are super women who took control of the raft.  We dodged rocks and other rafts that had no idea what they were doing and caused other people to fall off.  It was definitely fun and an experience we’ll never forget!

Our cute victorian hotel:

The Jim Thorpe Inn at night:

The town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania:

The doors, windows, streets, shops had so much personality:

Every shop had it’s own personalized signs:

Window shopping:

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